Building Foundations for Empowered Futures
At CFBC, our vision is to improve the social - economic health of the communities in which we live and work.
Retention, Progression, Completion
The road to gaining a Red Seal endorsement or trade qualification is not always a straight line and sometimes, apprentices need a hand to plan for their next step to gain their professional designation. Our team can help.
Investing in Research
We support research projects focused on innovation in the built environment including, but not limited to, the enhancement of safety, improvement of industry practices, and increased focus on sustainability of the construction industry.

Building the Next Generation

As a registered Canadian charity, the Construction Foundation of British Columbia (CFBC) focuses on the development and continued excellence of the skilled trades and occupations within BC’s workforce.

We work with youth, newcomers, First Nations communities, and the skilled trades to reduce barriers to employment.  We do this by providing bursaries, education supports, and tutoring to enable career advancements.

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Featured Programs

Coast Capital Road to Red Seal

The Coast Capital Road to Red Seal is a program that offers a suite of tools and one on one support directly to apprentices to ensure they continue to progress in their apprenticeship and ultimately, complete their training and achieve their Red Seal Endorsement.

First Peoples Building Standard

The First Peoples Building Standard Educational Pathways Project (Pathways Project) is part of ongoing collaboration between Nations to facilitate the construction of high performance housing that is energy efficient, durable, culturally appropriate, healthy and affordable to build and maintain.

Welcome Exchange

We recognize that all people thrive in a welcoming world – Connections to local culture, employment and community make a big difference. Welcome Exchange hosts cultural workshops, networking opportunities, online tools, webinars and one-on-one sessions that are developed specifically to support newcomers.

Building Our Community

With the help of our donors, volunteers, and partners, we have made a substantial impact in our community. Through various campaigns and initiatives, we have provided families and individuals with the resources they need to succeed. We are incredibly grateful to all those who have supported us and made our success possible. As we continue to move forward, we remain dedicated to our mission of creating a positive impact in the communities we live and work in.

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Over $8M invested in trades training grants and supports for apprentices and trades across the province to work towards achieving their Red Seal Endorsement or trade qualification.


Young people are participating in Skills Ready Showcase Events, Opportunity Fairs and Workplace Tours across BC.

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Over $3M has been distributed to schools across the province to support educators as they help young people to explore careers in the skilled trades and technologies.


First Nations youth and adults from across BC have engaged with our initiatives on their skill development journey.

Our Community of Donors & Supporters

A big thank you to all of our donors and supporters for helping us to change lives!

We are impacting the lives of thousands of people by providing a platform for them to connect with industry professionals and begin to develop a network that will support them long into their professional lives.

Willy Manson, Chair CFBC Board of Directors